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 +====== WISP FAQ ====== 
 + ​Questions?​ - [[http://​​user/​view/​yeagerd|{{http://​​user/​pic/​yeagerd-lg.jpg?​16x16|yeagerd}}]] [[http://​​user/​view/​yeagerd|yeagerd]] and [[http://​​user/​view/​pollyp|Polly Powledge]] maintain this page.\\ \\  
 +==== How do I get WISP hardware? ==== 
 +\\ [[http://​|Intel Research Seattle]] is awarding WISPs to collaborators in the academic research community. If you're interested, apply to the [[http://​​wisp/#​give|WISP Challenge]].\\ \\  
 +==== How do I get WISP firmware? ==== 
 +\\  Details about the latest firmware release and instructions for getting the source are [[wispfirmware|here]].\\ \\  
 +==== How do I install the firmware on the WISPs? ==== 
 +\\  Take a look at [[installingfirmware|this firmware installation tutorial]].\\ \\  
 +==== How do I get the data from the WISPs? ==== 
 +\\  Take a look at [[usingguiapp|this tutorial about running the RFID reader]].\\ \\  Also, the protocol used by the WISP is described on this page: [[working_with_wisp_firmware|WISP Firmware Info]]\\ \\  
 +==== Why do all of my WISPs have the same ID? ==== 
 +\\  You may have to program the WISPs with their respective serial numbers. See [[installingfirmware|Programming the WISP]]\\ \\  
 +==== What sensors are available on the WISP challenge hardware? ==== 
 +\\  The current WISP 4.1DL hardware has an ADXL330 3-Axis Accelerometer and the MSP430'​s built-in 10-bit temperature sensor. Sample code for both these sensors are in the released firmware. This hardware also has analog voltage sensing and a capacitance sensor. For more information on how to access the WISP hardware, see [[using_wisp_hw|Using WISP HW]]. For schematics, a PCB layout and a header file declaring hardware pin names, see the [[wisp_4.1_dl|WISP Hardware page]].\\ \\  
 +==== Where can I find the protocol spec for the WISP sensors? ==== 
 +\\  The WISP sensor protocol is described in [[working_with_wisp_firmware|Working with WISP firmware]].\\ \\  
 +==== What licenses and terms and conditions apply to the Intel-originated WISP hardware, firmware and software? ==== 
 +\\  These are described in the [[space.license|Wiki'​s license page]].\\ \\  
 +==== I'm having problems with my WISP. How can I troubleshoot it? ==== 
 +\\  See the [[troubleshooting|troubleshooting section]].\\ \\  
 +==== Is there a support mailing list for WISP users? ==== 
 +\\  We are currently using this Wiki's discussion board. To subscribe to email notifications,​ see the instructions [[gettingstarted|here]].\\ \\  
 +==== I heard the WISP has a super-capacitor to allow operation away from a reader. Where is it? ==== 
 +\\  WISP doesn'​t ship with a supercap by default. See the [[hw_how_to_-_faq|Hardware FAQ]] for more details.\\ \\  
 +==== I heard the WISP has external EEPROM so I can save data to non-volatile memory. How do I use it? ==== 
 +\\  See the [[eeprom|EEPROM]] help page!\\ \\  
 +==== What if I want to use TI's Code Composer Essentials instead of IAR's software? ==== 
 +\\  You will need to make a few changes to the firmware. See [[installingfirmware|Installing Firmware]]\\ \\  
 +==== How do I make my own WISPs? ==== 
 + See the [[wisp_fabrication|WISP Fabrication]] page!\\ \\ 
 +\\  The last modification was made by - [[http://​​user/​view/​yeagerd|{{http://​​user/​pic/​yeagerd-lg.jpg?​16x16|yeagerd}}]] [[http://​​user/​view/​yeagerd|yeagerd]] on Apr 26, 2012 9:28 am
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