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 [[http://​​People/​bio.php?​id=10|Przemysław Pawełczak]],​ TU Delft [[http://​​People/​bio.php?​id=10|Przemysław Pawełczak]],​ TU Delft
-Wendi Henzelman, University of Rochester+[[http://​​ece/​heinzelman/​|Wendi Heinzelman]], University of Rochester
-Kaushik ​Chaudhury, Northeastern University+[[http://​​|Kaushik ​Chowdhury]], Northeastern University
 [[https://​​|Brandon Lucia]], Carnegie Mellon University [[https://​​|Brandon Lucia]], Carnegie Mellon University
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 [[http://​​|Josiah Hester]], Northwestern University [[http://​​|Josiah Hester]], Northwestern University
 ====== WISP Developers, Collaborators,​ Users ====== ====== WISP Developers, Collaborators,​ Users ======
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